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Michelin and Society


Contributions to Safety

For over a hundred years, fulfilling our social responsibilities has always been an integral part of Michelin's corporate mission. As the leader in the tyre industry, Michelin's main contribution as a responsible corporate citizen consists of advocating road safety, caring for the environment and promoting the development of new energy and new technologies.


Commitment to Road Safety

As part of its corporate social responsibility commitment, Michelin deploys a global system designed to put a halt to the problem of road fatality. It believes its strategic focus on performance would be meaningless without an ongoing commitment to making roads safer everywhere. In addition to its tyres and their performance, Michelin supports measures to make driving safer, providing employees with training and promoting road safety externally.

In May 2011, Michelin was amongst the first companies, to sign the Global Road Safety Commitment in support of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 launched by the United Nations. In 2012, Michelin is investing €6 million worldwide to support global road safety initiatives.

Over the past ten years Michelin has introduced a wide range of road safety programmes in countries in which it operates. While each programme is adapted to the local situation and often conducted in or with host communities, they are all designed to raise awareness about road-related dangers.

In the UAE, more than 600 cars were checked by Michelin experts between Dubai and Sharjah during the “Fill Up with Air” campaign in 2011, with an objective to raise the awareness of the drivers on the importance of a correct tyre pressure. Tyre checks were conducted for free in petrol stations close to highways and in mall car parks, and tyre pressure was adjusted when needed. The findings were quite meaningful: an average of 39% of UAE motorists were driving on dangerously conditioned tyres, either because they were worn out, under- or over-inflated. The campaigns were backed up either by Dubai Police or by the RTA. In 2012, Michelin intends to continue such safety operations to contribute towards safer mobility in the UAE.


Caring for the Environment

Michelin has improved its environmental efficiency by one-third over the past six years. From the choice of materials to tyre architecture, manufacturing processes and services, all of our solutions are designed with a constant focus on safeguarding the natural environment. 15 billion liters of fuel have been saved thanks to the MICHELIN Energy Efficiency tyres sold over the past 20 years, avoiding the release of 38 million tonnes of CO2.


Towards a Better Mobility

Today’s tiremakers are being asked to use fewer raw materials more effi ciently, reduce the environmental impact of tires throughout their life cycle, and constantly improve their safety performance. For Michelin, these demands also represent opportunities to differentiate itself in the marketplace and to meet the aspirations of modern society. The organizer of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, the world’s leading sustainable mobility event, the Group is deploying its technological leadership, innovation capabilities and powerful Michelin Performance and Responsibility process to help enhance mobility in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

To know more about Challenge Bibdendum click here.




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